Saturday, December 19, 2009


WILLINGNESS is the focus word here for 2010.  From smARTist Career Blog, an article by Barbara Bowen says, "in a state of willingness, your tensions loosen and your creative joy increases."  That's what I want--increased creative JOY!  What a magical, positive way to start a new year.  I see the relatedness of intention, commitment, work ethic, business planning, giving, sharing, organizing, prioritizing.

After a stressful, end of semester week of substituting as a music teacher, I learned a lot about my willingness to commit to full time public school teaching!  I am also reminded that knowledge of music, beyond just listening, is an incredible gift.  It's like learning a foreign language, which adds so many layers of understanding, enjoyment, and connections.  It is part of the collage of my life, and I am thankful that my parents were willing to put the time, money, and effort into piano lessons and school music activities.  So, today, the painting to the right, titled "Merci" is my way of thanking the world for music!  Maybe I should work on some paintings about music....  Resolve to know what is important, what makes you happy...and be willing to focus time where it belongs!

Merry Christmas. Wishing joy and blessings to all who visit here.

Barbara Bowen: Willingness to Resist

Barbara Bowen: Willingness to Resist

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Jumpstart Christmas

Wow, November just got away from me, and now it's time for Christmas!  We enjoyed a big showchoir festival in Scottsbluff, and a trip to Lincoln to watch our son in the All-State Chorus.  It was dad's day at the sorority, so we also got to a UNL basketball game and the UNL v. KSU football game (which means I went shopping!)  I was subbing at the school a lot, and then hosted my family here for Thanksgiving. The school's one-act play (Something's Rotten in the State of Denmark--a spoof on Hamlet) took first place at the conference competition, and will go to District's this week. Oh yea, and the family has been hunting a lot.  They got three deer in the first hour of the season. Corn harvest is late due to early snows, so the pheasants are just now being forced out.  It's busy here.

My big art news for the last month is the painting class I've started for Cancer Survivors.  We are meeting once a week (Thursdays at 10:00am).  The hospital foundation has generously purchased supplies for us on a six month trial basis.  I've had 3 students so far, and others are welcome whenever they can make it.  Caregivers are also welcome as long as space is available.  We are starting with an old standard for me:  JoSonja Jansen's Slavic Round Design on papier mache boxes.  Later, we may try watercolor or collage, but I've found that this project gives a great introduction to the acrylic medium and forces brush control, because of the amount of strokework, which also creates a very showy piece.  And, there is so much there that people can't see any mistakes!

I also sold a painting and 5 doodleboxes this week.  I'm working on a new website...up before Christmas! Trying to meet at least most of those goals I set last year.  Have you been thinking about new goals for 2010?  It's time!  Happy December everyone!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Professional Development

It's hard to justify time and money spent on something you love. It feels selfish, especially when you come from the motherly viewpoint of taking care of everyone else, as well as the little or no income position in the family. But, with the goal of becoming a "real" selling and producing artist, part of the journey must include "professional development" opportunities. At least identifying art workshops with that lofty heading, justifies the time and money!

After several plan changes involving school musical and football games rescheduled due to October snow storms and swine flu, family catching the bug, and auto repair delays, I was able to make it to a creativity and collage workshop with Nita Leland. It was organized and hosted last week by the Beatrice Art Guild.

Completion of a new sunflower painting (shown here), progress on a couple of other works, and journaling with creative prompts adds up to important professional development. Nita is a great colorist, with insight to the world of paint manufacturing and color wheel selection. However, the best part of this class for me was the chance to be with other painters and friends. They inspire me to persevere. My friends, Sandy Meyer and Susan Hart were there, as well as two artists from Columbus, Nebraska who remembered me from an art study tour in Chicago 12 years ago! Most of these ladies had been to other ANAC (Association of Nebraska Art Clubs) workshops at Halsey. We were a creative, supportive, and extremely talented group of Nebraska artists. Our capabilities surprised our eminent teacher!

Since Beatrice is 5 hours east of here, I took the opportunity to visit a high school classmate (thanks Connie!) as well as my girls in that end of the state...a little wedding stuff exploring with my wedding blogger, necessity shopping with my college student, art supply shopping, and of course...great eating. So now I am renewed, professionally developed??, and busy organizing my studio (Nita re-encouraged this, as does every success forum ever known!), planning a painting therapy class, framing art and headed to Guild meeting. Blessed renewal.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The idea of a labyrinth has intrigued me for quite a while.  Labyrinths seem to keep popping up along  my journey.  Several years ago, after taking my teen-aged daughter to a concert, we walked the rock labyrinth at the Community Garden in Comstock, Nebraska.  Years later, I stumbled upon a blog by Joannah L. Merriman, M.A., a holistic psychologist, counselor, and writer in Fort Collins, Colorado ( She has a labyrinth on her property and encourages full moon serenity walks--the next one is this Sunday, October 4th at 7pm.  I searched for more information about the circular meditations after discovering a classical labyrinth in the Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney, NE.  The Labyrinth Society (source of image above, with permission) lists 15 sites in Nebraska.  I recently visited the 11 circuit medieval labyrinth outside the Methodist Church in North Platte, NE.  There was no wind on that bright September day, and it was almost too warm.  I was hungry, but energized after painting with a friend--the first watercolor I'd attempted in ages!  I thought I'd just run through this labyrinth to see what it was like.  But, even with the guy watching from his porch across the street,  I got caught up in the process and amazed at the 1/4-1/2 circle balance.  Rather than just absently following the path, I found myself analyzing the next move, wondering what those Christians of the Middle Ages thought about as they followed their path in the Chartres Cathedral, and actually feeling relaxed and refreshed as I came out of the center.

"At its most basic level the labyrinth is a metaphor for the journey to the center of your deepest self and back out into the world with a broadened understanding of who you are."

So, when that watercolor painting I'd started needed more depth and interest, I took out the old compass from my college design courses and executed some concentric circles--not really in the true labyrinth style, but with that feeling in mind... which led to painted-tissue-collaged lines and checkerboard patterns inspired from my recent exploration with Frank Lloyd Wrght's ideas on graph paper (see post from July 18).  Sometimes my thought processes are pretty random, but I love the layers in this finished product.  It's already framed (20"x16")!  Now I'm ready to try more watercolor.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last week I substituted in the high school English classroom.  I was intrigued by a poster on the wall  which reminded me of my goals as stated here last February. My journal entry from the poster is pictured here.  So, I went back to review those goals.  Here they are...and I've admitted where I stand, so far!

1) Post on this blog at least once a week. Well, maybe averaging about 10 days instead of 7.
2) Add 15 followers to blog.  I think there may be 4 new followers since February.  Please add your name to followers if you are not already there! 
3) Add 100 to mailing list.  I should have counted my list in February to legitimize this!...maybe 40.
4) Enter and get accepted to National Collage Society Show. Entered this contest 2 weeks ago...notifications are in November.
5) Sell $2000 of art--will need to MAKE MORE ART!, find venues, explore PayPal. I've sold only one painting in the last year.  Surprisingly it was purchased over a year after it had been shown in our local medical clinic.  Never underestimate exposure.  I am researching a couple of online options, including Etsy.  This part about MAKE MORE ART might be some of the problem...procrastination...I have at least three pieces awaiting appropriate framing.  Daily art. Daily art. Daily art!
6) Renew website and make it an official .com thing. No progress here.  I have researched some online website hosting, but more exploration is necessary before decisions can be made.
7) get tax number, instead of sharing husband's.  Is it just an excuse when I say I don't need a tax number if I don't sell anything?
8) Submit for NE Arts Council Governor's Mansion Show.  I was not prepared for the application deadline which was May 31st.  Now it is on my calendar and I am working toward a cohesive series to use in an application.  I'd like to have at least 4 more in a sunflower series, and I may include some aerial landscapes.
9) connect with other artists at least 5 days/week through Internet, guilds, classes. This is going pretty well...  internet helps...I'm learning a lot, and I'm getting better about commenting on other's blogs. I am trying to attend the Ogallala Art Society meetings more regularly (that's not happening all the time, but Janette is good about calling to remind me!)  I went to North Platte last week to paint with Sandy Meyer's cancer survivors class.  It was VERY inspiring!
10) Give back to community without compromising sense of self-worth (limit donations of art, time, expertise or teaching to 4 worthy causes.)  This one is coming along.  So far I don't feel used.  I'm working on starting a therapy painting class...more on that later.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Back on track! During the last week I spent large parts of each day doing art. It's amazing all the roles an artist plays in creating a real business from the art...sort of reminds me of being a mother! Many art blogs speak to the importance of balancing time creating with time doing business...and doing the creating as more than a in--even when you don't feel like it!

Today on Fine Art Views I was met with the following jump start questions (or guilt trip questions, depending on the mood!): "A business cannot succeed if a myriad of jobs remain neglected. Artists are no different. Do you take the time to balance your books? Do you regularly communicate with collectors, dealers, etc.? Do you keep your studio and office clean and organized? Do you set aside regular time to assess your art and business in relation to where you want to be? Do you spend enough time in the studio creating? Do you spend enough time with all the other necessary jobs?" So... it must be time for a business plan reality review, and a thorough cleaning...but, first I want to get some more creating done!

Framing, and finishing are on the agenda, including varnish on the doodlebox pictured here, done as a donation for the local cancer walk to be held October 3rd. The box includes words to the second verse of my favorite hymn: "Make me a channel of your peace. Where there's despair in life, let me bring hope. Where there is darkness, only light. And where there's sadness, ever joy." I first heard this hymn in the funeral service for Princess Diana in 1997. The wording is from the prayer of St. Francis. My hope is that the box will be a blessing to whoever receives it as a doorprize at the event.

Friday, September 4, 2009

National Collage Society Juried Exhibit

Cleaning out my inbox, I found a reminder to enter the National Collage Society 25th Annual Juried Exhibit. In all the busyness, I had not entered the date on my calendar and the deadline is TODAY! So, I set up a paypal account to take care of the fee, filled out the entry form, and attached my photos. The show will be displayed at Mason Murer Fine Art, Atlanta, Georgia from November 6, 2009 to December 31st, 2009. Cross your fingers and say some prayers that one of my two entries pictured here is accepted.

Our first football game will be played at the new home field tonight. As long as you are saying prayers, include the safety of all high school football players, and especially my son. This is a nerve wracking situation for mothers...all the benefits of competition, camaraderie, and leadership, with all the potential for injuries. Maybe the fabulous weather will ease the stress...and, here's to all the time and effort from coaches and players. (Thanks Danny!)

This week I was honored to be able to play the piano, and accompany my brother's singing for the first of two services in memory of my dear cousin, Susan. She fought a courageous battle with cancer, and leaves a grieving husband and two grown children.

Since the last blog post, I finished reading Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth. First published 20 years ago, it's now on Oprah's Book Club list. It's historical fiction (I know--wierd favorite genre!) about building cathedrals in the middle ages. I get sort of lost in the age...can you even imagine living without electricity, toilets, and cars (let alone cell phones!) all while designing and constructing massive stone cathedrals, fighting rogue lords, and playing the politics of the catholic church and the monarchy system?

Back to art...(!)...last week my father-in-law helped me cut some masonite for backing on two large paintings, and we cut channels into frame moulding allowing glass to be held away from the texture of the artwork. It is sort of an experimental framing style. I'll report on the details when I get it all put together. Does anyone out there have any great solutions to framing heavily textured collage works...short of the ready-made shadow-box options at art supply stores?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bridal Blog, Surfing, 21 Excuses, Storying

Challenge: I'll post if you post!

I'm feeling uninspired and inadequate as I try to keep up with my daughter's witty blogging and the need for making art. So many distractions, so many excuses:

1.on vacation (photo of me and daughter number two during surf lessons on Carpenteria Beach, California)
2.getting daughter number two to college, sorority rush, research professors, check tuition costs (yikes!), buy books, meet roommates
3.son's first day of school, football, computer fees, installing car stereo, listening to his favorite music, rearranging schedules
4."studio" too messy to paint
5.altering bridal blogger's bridesmaid attire--must be done now to be mailed in time for friend's wedding ( needs me (will pay!) to do reading mastery testing
7.cousin dying of cancer--can't stop thinking of her
8.managing family health needs and prescriptions too cold or too windy
10.want to finish framing stuff before starting something new
11.piles of laundry
12.blogs to read
13.facebook to catch up on not working--desperately backing up files
15.county fair swallowed time, left stuff all over house (but allowed cousin's daughter and friend to visit for Little Big Town concert.)
16.bills to pay
17.reading(Pillars of the Earth, Fountainhead, Whatever it Takes)
18.need a nap!!!
19.what's for supper? cupboards
21.walking dog

Blogging daughter reminded me that sometimes the blog can be about life -- how it happens and sometimes gets in the way of what you think is your purpose. It's all a part of the story. And STORY, in the end, is what it's all about. She also said, "People buy art anywhere. The only reason they'd buy yours is because it's great, or because it has a story. People buy art because of the art or the artist." (I think her tuition was well worth it and the journalism school bias is quite transparent!) So, I'm thinking of writing down all the thoughts and processes that go along with each of my paintings...sort of like the quilt story histories that have been encouraged for quilters...also reminds me of the folk art store I visited in Summerland, CA (Just Folk) where all the art is made more interesting by artist biographies posted throughout the store. This is sort of paradoxical, as folk art is defined by the fact that it is historically by untrained and anonymous artists! Seems that history academicians have changed not only attitudes, and values of quilts and other folk art, but created a blurring of definitions!

This blog is part of the storying that goes with my art. It makes a difference, and gives my art meaning. (However justified, writing about my paintings and posting to my blog only create more distractions from actually making art!)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Surfing and Gallery Show

Just returned from a short trip to Santa Barbara, where daughter number two and I surfed...yes, these landlocked Nebraskans actually stood up on surf boards in the Pacific Ocean! (Thanks to Eric at A Frame Surf Shop.) It was a great visit with my cousin, his son, and nephew. We had fabulous food, new haircuts (Patricia Noel Studios in Summerland), cultural surprises (Native American funeral ceremony), pictures at the gates to Neverland, abelskiver and antiques in Solvang, El Presidente of Fiesta on our plane, a hike on the San Ysidro Trail. All this may inspire some art...just need time to study my photos and journal...maybe after school starts!

Daughter number one has jumped into the blogging world ( ) She's a great writer--enjoy.

The Art Society of Ogallala will be featured at the Meadowlark Gallery in Grant, NE during the month of August. I am a member of the Ogallala group and six of my paintings (including High Plains Aerial #2 shown above) are in the exhibit which is open Fridays and Saturdays 6-8pm.

Checking my Google Analytics today, I found several visits to my blog from Brazil! If you're still around, welcome, hello, glad to have you!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright's Liberty Magazine Covers

About 12 years ago, I took a class through UNKearney with professor Ray Schultz. This was a tour of art museums, sculpture, and architecture in and around Chicago. One day we toured the Oak Park Home/Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as homes he designed in the area and the Unitarian Church he built. I wrote a research paper relating his religion with his artwork, and came to love his work. The series of covers he did for Liberty Magazine are some of my favorites. I had found some stationary with prints from one of these covers and recently pulled it out to use for invitations to a party. As I worked with this print, I felt compelled to dig out my graph paper and colored pencils to try similar geometric designs.

This week I am playing nurse for my daughter's recovery from wisdom teeth extraction. Between making mashed potatoes and jello and watching lots of movies and extreme makeover shows, I haven't been able to paint in the "studio." But, I have been able to sit on the couch and play with this FLW's a bit like coloring graph paper designs in grade school. I've tried to use only three colors, which adds to the challenge. It's been a joy trying to vary the design elements, create balance, and centers of interest(and spend time with my daughter!) But, it's making me want to get out the old stashes of fabric and make some quilts...Try it yourself!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunflower Painting Process

Sometimes the creative process is flowing so well that it's hard to remember to take photos of the progression of a painting. But, I often look at a finished product and am amazed at how it changed from where it started. So, a concerted effort was made to capture the process with this painting...although I wish there were a few more shots of different stages! Here are four of the most distinctive stages, occurring over three and a half months...I have a lot of distractions!

This actually started with a "pour" of acrylic over gessoed masonite. The pour was not great, so the board sat around for at least 3 years. When we were in Reno for the Safari Club convention last January, I made a sketch of images around me at an auction. It included the silk daisy centerpiece with an American flag, giraffe and zebra prints, geometric ceiling tile, cowboy hats, and candles. That sketch was inspiration for this new addition to my sunflower series. It may be titled "Savannah Sunrise."
What do you think?

Plaster was used for texture, applied with a palette knife to form some background and the basic shapes of the animal skin spots and flower. Then, several layers of acrylic stain were put on and wiped off. The stripes popped out at me from the pour peaking through the background, so I painted them in more definitely. Metallic highlights happened after a friend viewed it and said she missed the metallic that is in a lot of my other paintings. I love the copper wire mesh, suggesting the seed placement in the flower. Both the mesh and the small petals (taken from a waxy, acrylic covered silk flower) were applied with 527 bond glue. A lot of shading and the white outlining was done with oil pastel. The painting is larger than usual for me at 24" x 36". Now my challenge is how to frame it!

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Painting--Merci

Today I finished framing Merci. The title comes from the small piece of German chocolate wrapper that is included in the collage. The purple in this is unusual for me, but very fun. This one started as part of a large (maybe 18"x24") landscape--somewhat stylized view of Enders reservoir with a yucca in the foreground! It wasn't working that way for me, so I cut it off and this is the first of what happened with the leftovers. To frame it, I painted a piece of masonite with some white gesso and quinacridone for the just right "mat" color. That was just too much, and the frame I had seemed too big. So, I used grosgrain ribbon to echo the corrugated cardboard in the piece, and "drizzled" some metallic thread around it. Still, not satisfied, I found some great beads in my hoards of stuff that finished it off for me...adding them to both the painting and the matting.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art Sales

I sold a painting! High Plains Aerial #3 is now in the collection of newlyweds Beau & Mandi. It's one of my favorites. Now I'll get busy and do another aerial landscape to hang with #1 and #2. They look so much better as a tryptich! Beau actually grew up near where the photo for this painting was taken. I am thrilled to have them enjoy it.

It's been a busy month with graduation of number two child. Number one got engaged to a fabulous man. Number three is on his way to Africa with his Dad for a 10 day safari hunt. I am left to babysit the dog! Hopefully she will let me paint a bit too. Happy Summer!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Before and After

Updating inventory, I came across this before picture (on the left) of the Ancient Sunflower painting (finished work in right photo). I wish I had taken a photo of it even before this. It started as an aerial view of circle irrigation...fields and roads, but something wasn't working for me. This painting has a lot of texture, with plaster built up on masonite. The top right sprinkler became a sunflower and still has lots of that texture surrounding it. Rice papers, and painted orange tissue papers were added, as well as many layers of acrylic "stain" (painted on, and wiped off). I thought you would enjoy seeing a little of how my works evolve. I like this painting more each seems to glow, and that makes me smile!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Susan Hart's Walkway Gallery Show

Was it already two weeks ago that I went to Kearney for Susan Hart's reception? It was a great day...guess I need to slow down, so I can reflect and share what is important. I know Susan from art camp at Halsey. The Association of Nebraska Art Clubs (ANAC) organizes an amazing painting fest every September at the state 4-H camp in the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey. Susan has been very successful in the last few years with her wonderful collages, mostly with painted tissues, using a lot of quinacridone gold, turquoisish colors, and her signature swirl motif. She has 22 paintings in a one-woman show currently in the Walkway Gallery of Kearney's Good Samaritan Hospital. One is shown on the left. (With permission from Sue Hart.) The reception was so nice--Lorie Line music was played live, the staff had even created very tasty cookies painted with frosting to match the artwork! My trip was so worth the effort. Not only because of getting to see Susan and her great art, but I ran into my UNK art professor, Larry Peterson, who told me about the third Thursday lecture at MONA which was happening later that night, and the Kearney Art Guild opening reception for their juried ANAC competition entries on display at Elements. I was able to take in all three events. I also met John Allen, CEO of the Kearney hospital, whose insightful photography graces the walls of that facility. Seeing his art helps explain why the hospital is so supportive and believes in the healing qualities of art. There are definitely some fine artistic spirits in Kearney. I am inspired.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great Photo Display

>Last week I was in Lincoln, Nebraska for the state FFA convention. All three kids were involved. I sponsored the local chapter, and was so proud. During a break in activities, number one daughter and I spent about half an hour at the Sheldon Art Museum on the University of Nebraska campus. I don't usually get very excited over photography displays, but part of the current exhibit, Evolving Eden: Three Photographic Perspectives, has stuck in my mind...partly because of the insightful commentary inherent in the photos, and I'm sure in part due to the appreciative response from my daughter, who's journalism degree gives her some expertise in the medium. The installation by Hans Eijkelboom, a Dutch photographer, is titled Paris-NewYork-Shanghai. It includes large-format cityscapes with the identifying quirks of each city and snapshot-style grids of their inhabitants to reveal how similar one city is to another today. It is a satirical commentary about the globalization of our interests, habits, fashions, and problems. The exhibit has been seen in Aperture Gallery in New York, and is available in book form. Check it out!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Custom Prom Dress

The prom dress was fabulous! Yes, I'm slacking on my's been 21 days without a blog post. No excuses. Just, some great pictures! ...only one concern: the boning in the top piece turns up in front when she sits...requiring a reminder to pop it back down when she returns to standing! I wonder if attatching the skirt directly instead of making it two pieces would prevent this...?? She looked and felt beautiful. And, more importantly for me, she really appreciates my creative, sewing skills. It was fun. The first song played at the prom was Taylor Swift's "Love Story"!!! Now it's on to graduation reception scrapbooking, track meeting, FFA conventioning and hopefully some collaging....

Monday, March 9, 2009


My senior has requested this dress for prom. It's from Taylor Swift's music video of Love Story, and I think it's on the cover of the album. So, I've been busy designing, beading and sewing. Prom is in two weeks, and I have a long way to go. It's fun and creative, but sure distracting me from painting and art goals. I'm also substitute teaching quite a bit and I'm doing the ELDA testing for our school's ELL program for the fourth year now. I took a short break tonight to catch up on some blogs and was excited to see the post on about Google Analytics. I am all signed up, and anxious to see how many readers I actually have. Hopefully this will help me improve my posts, see some art sales, and make some interesting contacts...that's the plan! Let's keep on board with all this technology...thanks to Google for making it all free and easy. I feel so capable, but then can't figure out how to get our old desktop to connect to the wireless network...always more to learn! Happy persevering!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Web Hosting

This week I almost jumped into a webhosting site to get myself going with a real website. I've been looking at, and I emailed a techie friend for his opinion and he's suggested being part of some education and rural business grants that would provide free technological assistance, free server, domain and hosting for a year. Of course he wrote the grants and needs participants! I am trying to decide whether I'm ready to go ahead on my own, or wait for all the red tape and get the FREE assistance. It would probably mean at least a year wait while students are trained, participants screened, and paperwork completed. In a lot of areas, I'm currently more technology savvy than the students who would be helping me! But, my participation would help out the students, too.

Meanwhile, my weekly blogposting has fallen behind due to a big weekend trip to Kearney/Lincoln and a pretty nasty virus that has me dripping and moving slowly. I spent 3 hours in Lincoln's Hobby Lobby and got some really great frames in their 80% off clearance aisle. I worked on 2 miniature collages while in the hotel, watching PBS's birthday tribute to Ella Fitzgerald. They are not done, but showing is shown here (4"x 6"). My mother did the scherenschnitte for some Christmas packaging several years ago!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free Notecards...Happy Valentine's Day

The morning has been spent reading several art blogs and being inspired by other artists. I've followed for several months and enjoyed the interview with editor Dan Duhrkoop found in a link there. Yesterday's EE post mentioned an Austrailian artist who has some really great, intelligent discussions of art. I recommend his February 2nd post with pictures showing his portraiture method: From all this information, I am encouraged to keep going (persevere) and to expand my online presence. As a part of that effort, I will send 3 blank notecards/envelopes printed with my artwork to anyone who comments on this blog post, then emails me with their snail-mail address (if your are sure I know your slow address, a comment is good enough!) . That's free! shipping and handling! Have a happy, happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 6, 2009

PERSEVERANCE- scary step toward goals

Nearly a month ago, I talked about writing down goals. Now, after lots of procrastination and lack-of-commitment issues, I am ready to take the scary step of stating my art related goals here, and thus being held accountable to whomever reads this post (and to myself). So, with a nod to Christine Kane, I state my theme word for the year: PERSEVERANCE--the act of persevering; continued, patient effort. Last summer I found Therese May in Alyson Stanfield's Get Organized class. Therese writes a daily blog with quilt images and inspirations based on single words. Her post on perseverance states, "I never give up! I love being an artist and doing art, making things and sharing them with others. I work at marketing my art by asking for shows, applying for grants. I sell my art. I exhibit the work....I keep on keeping on."

And now for goals towards this theme:
1) Post on this blog at least once a week.
2) Add 15 followers to blog.
3) Add 100 to mailing list.
4) Enter and get accepted to National Collage Society Show.
5) Sell $2000 of art--will need to MAKE MORE ART!, find venues, explore PayPal.
6) Renew website and make it an official .com thing.
7) get tax number, instead of sharing husband's.
8) Submit for NE Arts Council Governor's Mansion Show.
9) connect with other artists at least 5 days/week through Internet, guilds, classes.
10) Give back to community without compromising sense of self-worth (limit donations of art, time, expertise or teaching to 4 worthy causes.)

There. I'm committed. Please encourage me to persevere!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Art on Safari

My husband took me to Reno, NV last week for the Safari Club International Convention. Hey, I take my vacations when I can get them! I took a day of mineral bath/massage/margaritas with a couple of other wives while he and his buddies explored all the guns and hunt vendors. I did spend one day at the huge SCI expo and was pleased to find lots of art at this convention--jewelry, bronze sculptures, African animal art. Of course, there were lots of animal realism artists, but two of the less realistic SCI artists especially inspired me: Laurel Barbieri, and Kobus Moller. The photo in this post shows the large, booth of Kobus Moller. The display walls were held with an interesting grid of interlocking 2x6 boards and included great lighting. Mr. Moller was very congenial, and talked about his emotional/spiritual struggle between the passion and the pride in his work as it relates to his Christian beliefs on creativity and his gift as a painter.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Artist's Co-op Gallery Reception

Here's my wonderful kids with me and another wonderful kid at the emerging artists reception yesterday. We had a really amazing time in Omaha. There was a great crowd for the gallery event, even in the cold weather. The middle photo shows a small view of the bright open gallery with one of my paintings (Evolving Promises) on the left. Thanks to all the members of the Artist's Co-op Gallery who made this emerging artists show possible. Megan Sanders was in charge of the event. The bottom photo shows Megan introducing me to the crowd in front of the hanging panel where one highlighted work from each of the eight emerging artists is featured. I met some wonderful people and came away with lots of ideas and motivation for making art. It is such and honor to be a part of this selected group of artists. The show is up until January 25th, with opportunity to vote for the winning emerging artist until then. GO VOTE!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year

Are you setting goals for 2009? Alyson Stanfield at is encouraging followers to set goals. I also get newsletters from Christine Kane, who is telling me to chose a theme word for the year. I've already found that it is important to write these things down. I thought about them 2 weeks ago, and now can't remember what they were! That's my goal for the next week: to set specific accomplishments and choose a theme and WRITE them down. The year is starting off well. I have my first gallery showing of the year in Omaha NOW! I won a medal at the miniature show in the North Platte Art & Gift Gallery. Both gallery shows have receptions this weekend that I will attend with my children. They are so proud and supportive. I also have 3 commissions to get going on. Meet me in Omaha on Sunday at the Artists Cooperative Gallery!