Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Day

This painting really evolved...from plain beige, blue and white, to distracting blobs and bad angles, to this.  It's on a gallery wrapped canvas with  lots of texture and metallic paint. I struggled with covering over my favorite painted tissue in the lower left, but it was in the way--competing with the center of interest.  Now, I like the way it peaks through the rice paper and added paint.  As it was finally coming together, I had a strong gut feeling about the creation story...separating the dark from the light, the earth from the sea, the chaos to order, with a structured plan beneath it all.  Actually, the first thing I did on this painting after plaster texture, was the gridwork in the upper right.  I guess it felt like bringing order back to the chaos that had happened in between.  However, based on her knowledge of previous paintings, my daughter was hoping the title meant there was an image from our  many "first day of school" photos  that had been hidden in the layers...maybe there is!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm on a roll...two new paintings! First, I want you to see this small one. Then, will try to get the other one up in a few days. This has lines of plaster, a gel transfer of a King Tut image, a piece of dried paint from my palette, and lots of interesting color. It is 12 x 9" on a gallery wrapped canvas. Our show choir concert was held the night before I finished this piece. They sang "Orinoco Flow," which seemed to go with the movement and color of the art (sail away, sail away, sail away...).  But, Orinoco is a river in Venezuela! So, I've titled this "Orinoconile." That seems to allow some honor for the Egyptian king. This is available for $150.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Art History 311:   A Greek Odyssey. says an odyssey is "a long series of wanderings or adventures, esp. when filled with notable experiences, hardships, etc."   So, we have the study abroad opportunity for the middle child.  Before it even began, the notables appeared with last week's riots in Athens over economic austerity measures imposed by the European Union in a bailout of the failing Greek economy.  We didn't feel good about sending her alone, stand-by, to a I went along!  It was only long enough to get her there, wander the Plaka, eat a meal, sleep and come home.  But I feel so much better about the situation having eased her through the subway tricks, worked with the exchange rates, and seen the facilities.  The riots were over-blown by 24-hour-news networks, but the country is still very unsettled and BBC news today notes a bomb explosion in the city. 
     I'm praying the biggest hardship of her trip is our financial sacrifice and her forced budgeting while she is there.  It is an amazing place for understanding civilization, history, ancient art, and one's self.  Blessings to the UNL study tour! On our way to Greece, we ran into a friend from when we lived in Germany--was that really 24 years ago?  Great to see you, Rocky!  "Hi" to Janet and the family.  Fly safe.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Painting During Track Season

Still trying to paint for at least an hour a day...but we're chasing the track and field events.  It's been stranger than average track weather.  Almost one whole day  was spent in heavy rain with gusts to 30mph.  Last week we had rain, sun, sleet (weird, tiny, square drops), and lots of wind.  But my son is seeing some success, especially with the discus.  And, my daughter ran her first half marathon yesterday.  This photo shows it was a perfect day for a run in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The school year is almost over...a wedding ahead, but with kids' camps and study abroad plans, I may get some time to paint and sell some work to pay for all those plans!