Monday, January 26, 2009

Art on Safari

My husband took me to Reno, NV last week for the Safari Club International Convention. Hey, I take my vacations when I can get them! I took a day of mineral bath/massage/margaritas with a couple of other wives while he and his buddies explored all the guns and hunt vendors. I did spend one day at the huge SCI expo and was pleased to find lots of art at this convention--jewelry, bronze sculptures, African animal art. Of course, there were lots of animal realism artists, but two of the less realistic SCI artists especially inspired me: Laurel Barbieri, and Kobus Moller. The photo in this post shows the large, booth of Kobus Moller. The display walls were held with an interesting grid of interlocking 2x6 boards and included great lighting. Mr. Moller was very congenial, and talked about his emotional/spiritual struggle between the passion and the pride in his work as it relates to his Christian beliefs on creativity and his gift as a painter.

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