Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last week I substituted in the high school English classroom.  I was intrigued by a poster on the wall  which reminded me of my goals as stated here last February. My journal entry from the poster is pictured here.  So, I went back to review those goals.  Here they are...and I've admitted where I stand, so far!

1) Post on this blog at least once a week. Well, maybe averaging about 10 days instead of 7.
2) Add 15 followers to blog.  I think there may be 4 new followers since February.  Please add your name to followers if you are not already there! 
3) Add 100 to mailing list.  I should have counted my list in February to legitimize this!...maybe 40.
4) Enter and get accepted to National Collage Society Show. Entered this contest 2 weeks ago...notifications are in November.
5) Sell $2000 of art--will need to MAKE MORE ART!, find venues, explore PayPal. I've sold only one painting in the last year.  Surprisingly it was purchased over a year after it had been shown in our local medical clinic.  Never underestimate exposure.  I am researching a couple of online options, including Etsy.  This part about MAKE MORE ART might be some of the problem...procrastination...I have at least three pieces awaiting appropriate framing.  Daily art. Daily art. Daily art!
6) Renew website and make it an official .com thing. No progress here.  I have researched some online website hosting, but more exploration is necessary before decisions can be made.
7) get tax number, instead of sharing husband's.  Is it just an excuse when I say I don't need a tax number if I don't sell anything?
8) Submit for NE Arts Council Governor's Mansion Show.  I was not prepared for the application deadline which was May 31st.  Now it is on my calendar and I am working toward a cohesive series to use in an application.  I'd like to have at least 4 more in a sunflower series, and I may include some aerial landscapes.
9) connect with other artists at least 5 days/week through Internet, guilds, classes. This is going pretty well...  internet helps...I'm learning a lot, and I'm getting better about commenting on other's blogs. I am trying to attend the Ogallala Art Society meetings more regularly (that's not happening all the time, but Janette is good about calling to remind me!)  I went to North Platte last week to paint with Sandy Meyer's cancer survivors class.  It was VERY inspiring!
10) Give back to community without compromising sense of self-worth (limit donations of art, time, expertise or teaching to 4 worthy causes.)  This one is coming along.  So far I don't feel used.  I'm working on starting a therapy painting class...more on that later.

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