Monday, March 9, 2009


My senior has requested this dress for prom. It's from Taylor Swift's music video of Love Story, and I think it's on the cover of the album. So, I've been busy designing, beading and sewing. Prom is in two weeks, and I have a long way to go. It's fun and creative, but sure distracting me from painting and art goals. I'm also substitute teaching quite a bit and I'm doing the ELDA testing for our school's ELL program for the fourth year now. I took a short break tonight to catch up on some blogs and was excited to see the post on about Google Analytics. I am all signed up, and anxious to see how many readers I actually have. Hopefully this will help me improve my posts, see some art sales, and make some interesting contacts...that's the plan! Let's keep on board with all this technology...thanks to Google for making it all free and easy. I feel so capable, but then can't figure out how to get our old desktop to connect to the wireless network...always more to learn! Happy persevering!

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