Friday, June 5, 2009

New Painting--Merci

Today I finished framing Merci. The title comes from the small piece of German chocolate wrapper that is included in the collage. The purple in this is unusual for me, but very fun. This one started as part of a large (maybe 18"x24") landscape--somewhat stylized view of Enders reservoir with a yucca in the foreground! It wasn't working that way for me, so I cut it off and this is the first of what happened with the leftovers. To frame it, I painted a piece of masonite with some white gesso and quinacridone for the just right "mat" color. That was just too much, and the frame I had seemed too big. So, I used grosgrain ribbon to echo the corrugated cardboard in the piece, and "drizzled" some metallic thread around it. Still, not satisfied, I found some great beads in my hoards of stuff that finished it off for me...adding them to both the painting and the matting.

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