Saturday, December 19, 2009


WILLINGNESS is the focus word here for 2010.  From smARTist Career Blog, an article by Barbara Bowen says, "in a state of willingness, your tensions loosen and your creative joy increases."  That's what I want--increased creative JOY!  What a magical, positive way to start a new year.  I see the relatedness of intention, commitment, work ethic, business planning, giving, sharing, organizing, prioritizing.

After a stressful, end of semester week of substituting as a music teacher, I learned a lot about my willingness to commit to full time public school teaching!  I am also reminded that knowledge of music, beyond just listening, is an incredible gift.  It's like learning a foreign language, which adds so many layers of understanding, enjoyment, and connections.  It is part of the collage of my life, and I am thankful that my parents were willing to put the time, money, and effort into piano lessons and school music activities.  So, today, the painting to the right, titled "Merci" is my way of thanking the world for music!  Maybe I should work on some paintings about music....  Resolve to know what is important, what makes you happy...and be willing to focus time where it belongs!

Merry Christmas. Wishing joy and blessings to all who visit here.

Barbara Bowen: Willingness to Resist

Barbara Bowen: Willingness to Resist

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