Friday, February 6, 2009

PERSEVERANCE- scary step toward goals

Nearly a month ago, I talked about writing down goals. Now, after lots of procrastination and lack-of-commitment issues, I am ready to take the scary step of stating my art related goals here, and thus being held accountable to whomever reads this post (and to myself). So, with a nod to Christine Kane, I state my theme word for the year: PERSEVERANCE--the act of persevering; continued, patient effort. Last summer I found Therese May in Alyson Stanfield's Get Organized class. Therese writes a daily blog with quilt images and inspirations based on single words. Her post on perseverance states, "I never give up! I love being an artist and doing art, making things and sharing them with others. I work at marketing my art by asking for shows, applying for grants. I sell my art. I exhibit the work....I keep on keeping on."

And now for goals towards this theme:
1) Post on this blog at least once a week.
2) Add 15 followers to blog.
3) Add 100 to mailing list.
4) Enter and get accepted to National Collage Society Show.
5) Sell $2000 of art--will need to MAKE MORE ART!, find venues, explore PayPal.
6) Renew website and make it an official .com thing.
7) get tax number, instead of sharing husband's.
8) Submit for NE Arts Council Governor's Mansion Show.
9) connect with other artists at least 5 days/week through Internet, guilds, classes.
10) Give back to community without compromising sense of self-worth (limit donations of art, time, expertise or teaching to 4 worthy causes.)

There. I'm committed. Please encourage me to persevere!

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