Saturday, August 8, 2009

Surfing and Gallery Show

Just returned from a short trip to Santa Barbara, where daughter number two and I surfed...yes, these landlocked Nebraskans actually stood up on surf boards in the Pacific Ocean! (Thanks to Eric at A Frame Surf Shop.) It was a great visit with my cousin, his son, and nephew. We had fabulous food, new haircuts (Patricia Noel Studios in Summerland), cultural surprises (Native American funeral ceremony), pictures at the gates to Neverland, abelskiver and antiques in Solvang, El Presidente of Fiesta on our plane, a hike on the San Ysidro Trail. All this may inspire some art...just need time to study my photos and journal...maybe after school starts!

Daughter number one has jumped into the blogging world ( ) She's a great writer--enjoy.

The Art Society of Ogallala will be featured at the Meadowlark Gallery in Grant, NE during the month of August. I am a member of the Ogallala group and six of my paintings (including High Plains Aerial #2 shown above) are in the exhibit which is open Fridays and Saturdays 6-8pm.

Checking my Google Analytics today, I found several visits to my blog from Brazil! If you're still around, welcome, hello, glad to have you!

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