Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free Notecards...Happy Valentine's Day

The morning has been spent reading several art blogs and being inspired by other artists. I've followed for several months and enjoyed the interview with editor Dan Duhrkoop found in a link there. Yesterday's EE post mentioned an Austrailian artist who has some really great, intelligent discussions of art. I recommend his February 2nd post with pictures showing his portraiture method: From all this information, I am encouraged to keep going (persevere) and to expand my online presence. As a part of that effort, I will send 3 blank notecards/envelopes printed with my artwork to anyone who comments on this blog post, then emails me with their snail-mail address (if your are sure I know your slow address, a comment is good enough!) . That's free! shipping and handling! Have a happy, happy Valentine's Day!

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