Friday, March 16, 2012

The Nebraska Club

Safari Sunflower II at the maitre'd podium
Throughout March and April, I have 11 pieces of art in  The Nebraska Club, a private club restaurant and banquet space at the top of the US Bank building in Lincoln.  The day I put the show up was rainy, making for grey photos, but it's an amazing view. 
View of Memorial Stadium from The Nebraska Club

What an exciting opportunity provided through the Noyes Gallery!  After a focus gallery show in February at the Noyes, I am now a member of this wonderful co-op gallery in Lincoln, which maintains agreements with several venues to hang art in public spaces. The co-op is a huge commitment, and a great chance to spend time with and be inspired by other artists. Traveling all the way across the state to work in the gallery a couple days each month gives me a chance to see my two college kids more often.  Be sure to stop in whenever you are in Lincoln.  On the first Friday of each month, many of the artists are present with new art for a great open house party held from 6-10 pm-ish or later.