Saturday, February 20, 2010


I was thrilled this week to present Rosanne with her painting, titled "Seasons" (shown right). Rosanne has futuristic and significance in her top five (Clifton Strengthsfinder). She even authored a book about using strengths in the classroom. She's been living with another painting of mine ("Resurrection", shown below) for a couple months, and wanted something similar, but larger. She also requested a piece of art that would speak to her spiritual connection with the seasons in nature.

This painting, as usual, had a significant evolution. However, inspired by Rosanne's confidence in my ability, and spurred by a previously scheduled trip to Omaha,  the work happened more quickly than usual...almost obsessively! A little over three weeks of work with the painting...that's a record for me, and enough to get me into a habit of painting daily. I am inspired! We hung "Seasons" on Monday in Rosanne's beautiful office overlooking the Missouri River. The watery elements in the painting seemed right at home there.

"Seasons" started in a vertical orientation, with a Gothic arch on the left, a "lilly pad" of hand-painted tissue on the right, and lots of swirly plaster wall texture (I use Behr Interior Texture Paint from Home Depot).  It changed to a horizontal orientation, lost the arch, added the cool tree with roots. (The tree is from a photo my son took of an osage orange tree, growing from a rock in southwest Nebraska. I printed it as an 8x10 black and white, then cut it out with an exacto knife.) It needed more, so plaster and bronze paint (Golden Fluid Acrylics) were added over most of the tree. When Rosanne sent a note expressing her anticipation of the "Four Seasons Artwork,"  I immediately knew how leaves should be added to the tree. Some leaves are collaged with painted tissue paper and some are painted with the Behr texture+acrylic paint. A late touch was the metallic marker line to separate the art from the frame. Finally, I added words unobtrusively, in turquoise, near the center: "There is a time for every purpose under heaven". It was a fun project. The best part was hearing and seeing the response from Rosanne and her friends. They found all kinds of symbols and ideas in the painting...some I hadn't even recognized!  Knowing my work makes a difference in others lives is such a rewarding part of my life as an artist. Thank you, Rosanne!