Friday, December 26, 2008

WOW!!!! I am a finalist in the emerging ARTIST show at the Artist's Co-op Gallery in Omaha Nebraska!!! (my art on the postcard invitation is the one at top-right, titled Flying) I am SOOO excited...lots to do and need to take my work to Omaha on Sunday. This was a juried entry competition and these eight finalists will show through January 25th. There is a viewer's choice vote during the show, with the winner getting a summer membership to the co-op with gallery space. SO, get to Omaha, and vote for me!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Just returned from the orthopaedic surgeon for a second opinion on daughter's shoulder. He will operate on Christmas Eve Day! This changes all kinds of plans, but best in the long run. I was up way too late last night getting ready for this 3 hour trip to the doctor, because on the way I was to drop off a miniature painting for a show at the Art & Gift Gallery in North Platte, and the painting was not framed yet. I was advised by daughter 1 that I should not do this for some unknown reason which she should be trusted about...? But, I am so excited about this painting, I wanted to share it. It is 4"x 6", with a bi-centennial postage stamp on it. I did some of this at the workshop in Longmont associated with the National Collage Society show. I love the colors and the mysterious feeling of looking into a tunnel or through the fog. The small format is fun and fast. And, the NCS has a postcard competition show in the spring.
Also, since we were on this long trip and the interstate goes right near my aunt's house, we stopped on the way home to let her approve or oppose the sunflower painting she'd asked for. She loved it...or grew to love it when I pointed out her grandchildren peeking from their obscure positions in the flower center. I still need the cousin approval, but I think she'll be thrilled. If not, I get to do another sunflower painting!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Finished Painting

So, I worked on the sunflower painting until the wee hours of the morning and then more during the day. I think I'm done...better quit before it gets any busier. (I mean the painting, not the life!) I was originally calling it "Blue Bricks" but now it will be called "Heaven in a Wildflower" because I added some lines from a William Blake poem: "to see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand...". I learned a few things, mostly because of the watercolor paper (large circle lower right). I used to use watercolor paper a lot for collage, but it's been a while... (1) It was a challenge for me as it warped whenever I moistened it with another layer. I didn't adhere the upper left half of it to the canvas until almost the end, and of course that addition of medium from the back was almost disastrous. The paper showed a large lumpy ring of medium-my fault for trying to do it at 1am! I sort of got rid of it by ironing the canvas from the back! (had to be careful because the oil pastels on the petals wanted to iron off!) Then I camouflaged the leftover lumpiness with a layer of rice paper. (2)Also due to the paper...the marker I used for the lettering wanted to bleed when a layer of rice paper was added close to it. (3) I'd used a wax transfer on the watercolor paper in an earlier project. The wax was applied on a much wider area than the transfer, and when I wanted to do lettering in that space, the wax resisted the marker. I wanted something to finish the edge of the circle and found an old necklace in the right color! I sort of like the wooden seed beads here, but I wish I had done fewer through the center and not left them strung together. It may give me ideas for the next painting though. I'm pretty happy with it...hope it works for my cousin! Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Sunflower Painting

This is my latest painting, still in progress. It was commissioned by my aunt as a gift for my cousin, another sunflower collector. (Collage on pre-stretched canvas.) The circle (from white to lower right corner is watercolor paper, petals are cardstock cutouts with oil pastel, blue bricks and other texture are plaster/acrylic. There are also a lot of print images, rice papers, and painted tissue. To make it personal and special, I've included altered images from photos of my cousin's children-they are hidden among the brownish collage line in the middle of the large sunflower. My plan is to write some wonderful words in the white area, probably in brown marker. I'm just working on inspiration while I decorate and clean for Christmas...praying that inspiration comes aunt would love to have it for a holiday present. Should it be my own thoughts about sunflowers, a special quote, Bible verse, or genealogy listing? Meanwhile, I am channeling positive energy for the next two weeks: gift wrapping, school concerts, doctor appointments, possible shoulder surgery for my daughter, family coming here for Christmas, house cleaning, cooking, church accompanying, my son turning 16(!), so many varied desires to manage, so many worries of the world, and still, finding awe for the season's reason. Blessed Painting!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hello world,
This is my first post and one small step forward in my journey. I pray for positive energy and the focus required to make it work. I am inspired by Alyson Stanfield, Christine Kane, and Suzan Buckner. Due to their online encouragement, I have completed more art in the last year than ever before, I have completed 2 shows this fall, and connected with artist friends from ages past. I have attended 4 museum show events, and I can see myself as a real artist! I realize that to be a real artist in this world, requires an up to date online presence. So..."here we go!"