Friday, December 12, 2008

New Sunflower Painting

This is my latest painting, still in progress. It was commissioned by my aunt as a gift for my cousin, another sunflower collector. (Collage on pre-stretched canvas.) The circle (from white to lower right corner is watercolor paper, petals are cardstock cutouts with oil pastel, blue bricks and other texture are plaster/acrylic. There are also a lot of print images, rice papers, and painted tissue. To make it personal and special, I've included altered images from photos of my cousin's children-they are hidden among the brownish collage line in the middle of the large sunflower. My plan is to write some wonderful words in the white area, probably in brown marker. I'm just working on inspiration while I decorate and clean for Christmas...praying that inspiration comes aunt would love to have it for a holiday present. Should it be my own thoughts about sunflowers, a special quote, Bible verse, or genealogy listing? Meanwhile, I am channeling positive energy for the next two weeks: gift wrapping, school concerts, doctor appointments, possible shoulder surgery for my daughter, family coming here for Christmas, house cleaning, cooking, church accompanying, my son turning 16(!), so many varied desires to manage, so many worries of the world, and still, finding awe for the season's reason. Blessed Painting!

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cindy said...

I can see the influence of the Nat'l Collage Show and the new ideas it gave you.
This is a new piece for you and is very exciting. I did find an image of one of the children. There are elements that remind me of your work and others that are totally new and different. You are stretching out.
Great job. You are doing very good to keep with the collage work with your family commitments.