Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Be Brave

This started at least a year ago, with more added in May. (first photo)  I thought I was finished 2 weeks ago and got a good picture then. (second photo)  As it sat around waiting for its frame, my satisfaction waned...it needed something more.  And, I had written in several phrases from Sara Bareilles' song, Brave.  Awesome song...cool inspiration...but inappropriate for me to be using.  It  made me antsy about copyright issues.  So, today I added paint and papers to obliterate some of the words...which led to more paint, more paper.  It is now much improved with more layers of interest.

Once again, I forgot to get a final photo before I finished framing, so please excuse a few reflections in the last photo.

I should dedicate this piece to my 92 year-old-father-in-law, as he has been trying hard to be brave in the extended recovery time after knee-replacement surgery.  Not sure whether the pain or just being in the nursing home requires more bravery.  Last night I helped him through the pain until time for more drugs by having him recall his most memorable hunting trip.  He was able to fill half an hour with details of a big elk he got in Colorado in the 1950s!  He has a couple more weeks with skilled care, but he's making great progress.

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