Thursday, March 3, 2011

Governor's Residence

I am so honored to be showing my artwork in the Nebraska Governor's Residence Exhibition Program this month.  The show was hung on February 8th, and will be there until the afternoon of March 11th.  My daughter toured the Residence today and sent these photos.  The colors in the drapes coordinate so well with six of my sunflower paintings on the north wall!  On the South wall, along with a fireplace and two china cabinets, the photo shows eight of my non-objective paintings. The show includes a total of 18 works.

This program, sponsored by the Nebraska Arts Council, awards exhibition space to 10 Nebraska artists each year. I am grateful for all the efforts of Arts Council and Governor's Residence staff that have made this opportunity possible.  If you can get to Lincoln before the 11th, try to get in and see it.  The Residence is open to the public on Thursdays 1-4 and at other times by appointment when it doesn't interfere with meetings scheduled in the room.  Call 402-471-3466  for more information on tours.


Dan said...

It looked amazing. Congrats!!!!

Kim said...

Wow! They looked right at home in that room. Congratulations!

Kermit B. Karns said...

Marcia: What an outstanding display! Next stop is the White House! Heartiest Congratulations.
Kermit B. Karns

Marcia Bauerle said...

Actually, next stop is The Most Unlikely Place, a great little gallery/restaurant, and party place in Lewellen, NE!