Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Day

This painting really evolved...from plain beige, blue and white, to distracting blobs and bad angles, to this.  It's on a gallery wrapped canvas with  lots of texture and metallic paint. I struggled with covering over my favorite painted tissue in the lower left, but it was in the way--competing with the center of interest.  Now, I like the way it peaks through the rice paper and added paint.  As it was finally coming together, I had a strong gut feeling about the creation story...separating the dark from the light, the earth from the sea, the chaos to order, with a structured plan beneath it all.  Actually, the first thing I did on this painting after plaster texture, was the gridwork in the upper right.  I guess it felt like bringing order back to the chaos that had happened in between.  However, based on her knowledge of previous paintings, my daughter was hoping the title meant there was an image from our  many "first day of school" photos  that had been hidden in the layers...maybe there is!

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