Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First finished product from Cancer Therapy

Just a quick post while we're packing for the Safari Club convention!  It's been busy here with lots of substitute teaching, sewing costumes for the school musical...not enough painting.  The pirate king in Penzance will be awesome next week in his blue jacket with striped lining!  For now, I want you to see the first finished box by Bruce in the Cancer Painting Therapy class.  He is really taking off with this...inspiring me and the other students.  Bruce will handle the class this week, while I'm "vacationing" with the wild African animals and super hunters in Nevada.  I'm googling about art galleries in Reno right now...will definitely check out the Stremmel Gallery.  It will be a great trip...if the weather allows us to even get there!  Happy January!

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